Porsche Spoilers: What You Need To Know

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Porsche Spoilers: What You Need To Know

So many individuals dream of owning an elegant, high performance Porsche. If you’re one of the lucky individuals who will be purchasing this classic sports car, you may want to consider adding an option such as a Porsche spoiler. A Porsche spoiler can greatly add to the visual appeal of this sexy sports car as well as enhancing the aerodynamics of the vehicle. You may be surprised at the many options of Porsche spoilers currently available for this popular sports car.

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If you’re planning on purchasing a Porsche spoiler, you need to find one that fits the particular model of your vehicle. For example, a spoiler for a Porsche Boxster will be different than one for the Porsche 911 model or a Porsche Carrera. You can call your local Porsche dealer or search online to find the range of spoilers available for your particular vehicle.


The cost of a Porsche spoiler really depends on the make of your vehicle, the type of spoiler you prefer and the location where you purchase it. Make sure you purchase your Porsche spoiler from a reputable store or dealer who will ensure that the accessory is fitted and installed properly. Instead of having a Porsche spoiler factory installed, you can always purchase a Porsche spoiler kit and install the accessory yourself. This option is obviously more inexpensive, as you’ll save the labour cost.

If you have already spent the money to purchase such a classy, desired sports car, why not spend a little extra on a custom Porsche spoiler. By doing so, you are guaranteed to end up with a unique vehicle that will be different from all others. You can discuss the desired appearance, features and price range you prefer with your local dealer.


Many styles of Porsche spoilers are available and they can vary greatly in terms of price and features. In the 1980s, a Porsche spoiler that automatically raised and lowered was designed for the 993 series. The spoiler moves air into the engine compartment and folds down when not in use. Some of the Porsche spoilers automatically emerge once speeds reach 75 mph and will not retract until the vehicle slows to less than 50 mph. Although many fixed Porsche spoilers are available, the retractable spoilers continue to be very popular with Porsche enthusiasts.

Although spoilers will enhance the aerodynamics of the vehicle, most Porsche spoilers are designed with style in mind. There are nearly as many options for the various Porsche spoilers as the models of the actual sports car. Individuals can choose from a wide range of sizes and designs including a rear turbo spoiler, split spoiler, carbon rear deck lid spoiler, whale tail spoiler, chin spoiler, duck tail spoiler, wraparound spoiler, as well as a bi-plane or two-level spoiler. Although the shape of each of these designs is quite different, any Porsche spoiler will add a touch of class to an already classy vehicle.

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