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We serve our visitors, sport cars fans, those who are enthusiastic, and everyone who visits our site since early 2006. Continuously updating and adding new reviews and high resolution pictures of top sporty cars, we have become one of the most trusted sources for visitors from almost every country. This hard work wouldn’t be possible without all of you, our visitors. Because as traffic thrives, it moves our activities on this site to new dimensions and our effort raises. We would also encourage you to get an online car insurance quote from Insurancequote.deals to provide a quote on any car you can think of. Let’s take a quick tour through the rest of this page, so you will understand our goals and will find what we offer you on sport-cars.org.

Which manufacturers do we list?

Focusing on latest concepts, racing news, all exotic cars, our goal is to bring you the freshest models and latest news. Of course, we list Italian, British, as well as other top cars manufacturers who sell their cars worldwide. Companies which can be found in the menu on the right side include Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Porsche, BMW and much-much more! Additionally, our reviews focus on concept-cars and prototypes.

Generally speaking, every car model can be characterized by it’s engine, performance, torque, maximum speed, wheels, body, if it’s turbocharged or not, design, price, brief history and numerous details which are already mentioned in our free-to-use reviews.

Although we list new cars, our database contains pearls like 1984 Ferrari Testarossa, 1998 Bentley Continental SC or 1999 Lamborghini Diablo GT.

Who is behind sport-cars.org and what is our goal?

People behind sport-cars.org are just like you! As you may notice, we do not sell any new or used cars, their parts, we don’t offer you car insurance, we aren’t even affiliates. We built this site because we love high-speed vehicles as much as you do and we share our experiences, ideas and feelings with you. Naturally, some sport cars are austere and relatively inexpensive, some are luxury and they cost much more in general. But pictures or reviews are available to large masses at no cost! We have tested various cars and this site is the result!

And because we don’t limit our interactivity with visitors to, writer-reader, position only, everyone can post a comment, or ask a question on every published article! Our professional staff will answer your in 48 hours after receiving your comment. Moreover, we give you an opportunity to vote in our polls which change from time to time.

Pictures and content make us different!

We became tired of low-resolution pictures, we became tired of officially pictures which can be found on almost every site devoted to sport cars. Who is interested in same pictures on each site? That’s why we keen on quality photos along quality content. Every review is a handy work.


Lamborghini Diablo GT-2 Bugatti Veyron Ferrari Enzo

Why should you visit us later?

Since we regard all visitors, we also like your feedback. Not only suggestions, positive or negative ideas, but articles are welcomed too. Our site gives you a chance to publish your own reviews at no cost! Becoming a worldwide known is now easy with sport-cars.org, because the number of potential visitors is innumerable. In addition, reasons for further visits include but don’t limit to new reviews and pictures. However, we are not an article directory, because our content must be unique.

Bear in mind that we welcome every feedback and we evaluate all of them.

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The Aztec 55 Chevrolet Convertible

Current Owner: BARRY MAZZA, FT. PIERCE, FLORIDA The late Bill Carr was George Barris’s roommate when he bought his new ’55 Chevy convertible, He worked his regular job as an insurance adjuster and hung out at the Barris shop after hours. With Sam Barris’s help he mildly customized his new Chevy. But Carr wasn’t satisfied …

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