The History of Porsche Spyder 550A-119

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The History of Porsche Spyder 550A-119

The History of Porsche Spyder 550A-119 States to Exford Motors in Sacramento, California which was owned by Sam "Sammy" Weiss. Shortly after taking delivery of the car, Sam entered the sports car races in Buchanan Field in California and finished first. Then, it was on to Redwood Empire (August 1957) and then to Laguna Seca for the opening event for the track in November 1957 (which he won). In 1958, another prominent California Elton Beagle, who had been racing his own 550, purchased 119A from Sammy and sold his 550. Elton raced the car at Stockton, Santa Rosa and Laguna Seca. In 1962, the car was sold to Robert Peterson of Los Gatos, California. Peterson had the car only a short period of time and advertised it for sale in the Porsche Club of America's publication Panorama (July/August 1962). Peterson's ad was answered by Edgar Broadhead. Edgar phoned Peterson and ended up trading even his 1961 Super 90 Roadster for the 550A on August 7, 1962.

The car was transported to New Hampshire where Ed and his wife, Nancy lives. It was then that the car was road registered and titled by wife Nancy. After several trips to DMV, Nancy finally got the inspection sticker a license plate, at which time the car became transportation for Ed. Ed went to SCCA Driver's School at Driar Motor Sport Park in New Hampshire. Ed then started racing the car, eventually scoring a win at SCCA National Event at Briar. The car was autocrossed and raced throughout the Northeast. Ed and Nancy took several road trips in the Spyder, including to Quebec. The car became non-competitive and in 1969 Ed decided to trade the car to race car dealer Fred Opert in New Jersey for a Mark 8 Elva BMW.

From 1969 to 1978 the history is a bit unclear. But, in August 1978, Chuck Stoddard of Stoddard Porsche in Willoughby, OH bought the car from Gary Laven of Dana Point, CA with 8,500 miles on the odometer.

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