2002 Ferrari Enzo

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2002 Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo As a tribute to Ferrari’s founder, and in celebration of the company’s ongoing success in Formula 1, the manufacturer’s latest super car carries the name Enzo. The Enzo represents a modern expression of Ferrari’s obsession for technology, performance and eye-catching style.

The Enzo’s chassis heralds a new era for Ferrari cars. Pininfarina’s design of this Ferrari represents an unprecedented convergence of styling and function. The marque’s Formula 1 pedigree can be seen in the Enzo’s nose section, and the entire body is sculpted to secure optimal airflow for engine and brake cooling. This shaping also generates unparalleled levels of grip-strengthening downforce and minimal drag.

The efficiency of the Enzo’s under-car effects is such that it does not require the sizeable rear wing needed by a large number of its rivals. Aerodynamic equilibrium at high speeds is maintained by automatic changes in the positioning of the two front flaps and the rear spoiler.


The Enzo’s powerhouse is a new, super-light, 6.0 litre V12 engine, boasting several unique features. The engine has been designed with high power performance goals in mind, with a specific output of 110 horsepower per litre. This is combined with outstanding torque at low rpm and an engine which is smooth and easy to handle. The V12 engine produces 383 lb/ft of torque at just 3,000 rpm, and its responsiveness is guaranteed by variable exhaust and inlet valves, together with computerised management systems for each row of cylinders and a drive-by-wire throttle.

The Enzo’s Formula 1 influence is further demonstrated by the coupling of the gearbox to the engine’s rear – this casting also doubles as the engine oil tank. The 6-speed gearbox is equipped with triple cone synchronisers which ensure faultless shifts on all ratios. These synchronisers are controlled by an electrohydraulic system which is activated by paddles situated behind the steering wheel. Ferrari do not offer a fully automatic gearbox option.

Interior Styling

The Enzo’s new, three-spoke steering wheel has a diameter of 350 mm, complete with a flat top, a row of LEDs to indicate engine revs and three controls situated either side of the airbag, linked to the principal car functions. The grouping of all essential controls around the grip allows more space for the twin gearshift paddles to nestle behind the wheel. Also behind the wheel is the instrument panel, dominated by the rev counter, either side of which are the 250 mph (400 km/h) speedometer and a screen on which numerous displays can be viewed.

Potential owners will be subject to an invitation to the Ferrari factory, where the cockpit of their car will be designed to meet their specific requirements. The cushion and backrest of the leather-trimmed, adjustable Sparco seats are available in four different sizes, and the accelerator and brake pedals can be moved in any direction – even sideways for those drivers who favour braking with their left foot.

Ferrari Enzo left-front view Ferrari Enzo left-bevelled view Ferrari Enzo people watching inside of it Ferrari Enzo rear-left view
Ferrari Enzo at motorshow Ferrari Enzo front view Ferrari Enzo focus on wheel

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