2003 Cadillac Sixteen Concept

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2003 Cadillac Sixteen Concept

Cadillac Sixteen Concept The 2003 Cadillac Sixteen is the epitome of elegance and opulence in automobile design. With Cadillacís infamous class and style, the Cadillac Sixteen Concept is powerful and arrogant whilst exuding sophistication and grandeur.

"The Sixteen is a modern interpretation of everything that made Cadillac the standard of the world and can again," said Robert A. Lutz, GM vice chairman for product development and chairman of GM North America. "It's a reminder of a glorious past as well as a progressive statement.

"Cadillac's tradition is rich, but in the next several years it will be introducing vehicles as solid, dynamic and beautifully designed as anything it's ever done. And Sixteen is a harbinger of this new era."


In accordance with its nomenclature, the Sixteen proudly sports a 32 valve V16 engine, displacing an incredible 13.6 litres. The power is transferred by way of a four-speed automatic gearbox featuring electronic control technology. The Displacement on Demand system, first seen in a few 2005 GM vehicles, features in the Sixteen, allowing the hibernation of half of the cylinders when not needed, re-activating them seamlessly if required. The unrivalled power of this engine is outlined by its ability to produce 1000 bhp and 1000 lb/ft of peak torque.

Likewise, the exterior is bold and commanding; a long front gives the Cadillac Sixteen huge dash-to-axle proportions matched by the 24-inch polished aluminium wheels and all-encompassing wheel arches. Sporting a full glass roof and fluid bodywork, this Cadillac is without equal. The Sixteen also boasts power-operated hood panels.

Wayne Cherry, GMís vice president of design, remarked: "The engine bay really pays tribute to the V-16. It's like a setting for a diamond, clean and simple. The under-hood was designed with the same care and attention as the interior.

Past Meets Present

The Cadillac Sixteen Concept is reminiscent of the 1930ís designs but with all the flair of contemporary style and luxury: a Bvlgari clock, Tuscany leather upholstered seats, an adjustable rear right seat which reclines chaise-longue style, hand woven silk carpet and walnut burl veneer trimming. "The lighting is architectural, enhancing the mood and desirability of the Cadillac Sixteen's interior space, complementing its shapes and colours," said Eric Clough, interior designer. "Technique combines with technology for a sophisticated, pampered ambience."

Drawing inspiration and pride from its sedan heritage, this model is a combination of 1930ís opulence and 21st century technology. The ancestry of the celebrated sedan is juxtaposed with rear seat DVD systems and a Bose sound system, combined with a fifth generation OnStar safety and security communication system.

The Cadillac Sixteen is unparalleled and unquestionable so.

Cadillac Sixteen Concept at cars show with open hood Cadillac Sixteen Concept at motorshow Cadillac Sixteen Concept - wheel detail, bad quality Cadillac Sixteen Concept - front disc detail
Cadillac Sixteen Concept - interior Cadillac Sixteen Concept - interior through glass Cadillac Sixteen Concept - rear wheel Cadillac Sixteen Concept - rear headlamp
Cadillac Sixteen Concept - rear headlight, image 2 Cadillac Sixteen Concept - front/right angle Cadillac Sixteen Concept focused on front wheel Cadillac Sixteen Concept; rear/right point of view
Cadillac Sixteen Concept - under the hood Cadillac Sixteen Concept - interior; low quality image Cadillac Sixteen Concept at carshow, picture 2 Cadillac Sixteen Concept - rear picture
Cadillac Sixteen Concept with open door Cadillac Sixteen Concept with open door and hood Cadillac Sixteen Concept with open door and hood - profile angle Cadillac Sixteen Concept with open hood; left/front camera angle
Cadillac Sixteen Concept - rear view, motorshow picture

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