Jul 27 2010

1964 Arfons Green Monster Jet Car

Arfonds-Green-Monster-Jet Car-2Built and driven by Art Arfons, the 1964 Green Monster
is a three-time holder of the World and Speed
Record. This vehicle is powered by a 15,000-pound
thrust General Electric J-79 jet engine from a B-58
Hustler bomber that Arfons bought in damaged
condition for $5,000. He repaired the engine, installed
it in this new car, which anchored to buried concrete in his backyard, then fired it. The engine
rattled windows over a wide area and incinerated his
chicken coop. He persuaded Firestone to sponsor the
project by contributing tires and wheels valued at
$500,000. When at Bonneville, he took the three-day-
old World Record from his brother, then lost it eight
days later. Though Arfons recaptured it after only two
weeks, he lost the record again the following year. He
set this final World Land Speed Record of 576,553 miles
per hour on November 7, 1965 only to lose it again
eight days later.

Arfonds-Green-Monster-Jet Car-1 Arfonds-Green-Monster-Jet Car-3